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COAMFTE Inactive Status Request Form


(Inactive Status Policy, COAMFTE Accreditation Manual: Policies and Procedures, p. 31)

“A COAMFTE-accredited program may elect to enter Inactive Status for a limited period of time that shall not exceed one (1) calendar year from the date the Commission approves Inactive Status.  Inactive Status typically occurs if a program is doing a major curriculum change or a major restructuring during which the program will not be admitting new students." 

To qualify, the program must be in continuous operation and must re-activate within the period of time (see below) specified by the policy. 

  • A program must request inactive status when it decides not to enroll students for a period of time.
  • During inactive status, a program must continue to submit documents (e.g., annual reports, maintenance reports, response to stipulations, etc.) and pay any annual maintenance fees that are due during that time.
  • Inactive Status requests must be made no later than one (1) year before the Eligibility Criteria is due.
  • Inactive Status will not extend the timeframe for which accreditation was granted or the renewal of accreditation date.
  • To reactivate, a program must submit a substantive change requesting re-activation of the program.
  • If a program in Inactive Status does not re-activate within the period of time specified by the policy, then the program is considered closed, the Commission will withdraw accreditation and the program will be removed from the directory of accredited programs. All subsequent applications for accreditation must be made under the procedures for Initial Accreditation.
  • Failure to notify the Commission and receive an approval of Inactive Status may result in Administrative Probation.

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