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Reg Baker MRII Award Application

Thank you for considering applying for MRII funding to study a Principles Express course from the University of Georgia. After helping researchers around the world through curriculum development of the Market Research Core Body of Knowledge™, the MRII is now broadening its mission to provide funding to support market researchers and insights professionals looking to improve their skills and enhance their career prospects as well as those eager to enter the industry.

Thank you and we wish you well with your application for the Reg Baker MRII Award (news announcement).

This application takes a median of 9 minutes to complete. Application deadlines are May 31 (Selection Period #1) and December 31 (Selection Period #2).
  • If you apply in Selection Period #1 and are not selected, your application will be automatically rolled over to Selection Period #2 for additional consideration.
  • If your application is received in Selection Period #2, a new application is needed for consideration in the following Calendar Year.
1. Do you have a friend or family member who works or volunteers for any of the following organizations…? *This question is required.Adelphi Research, B3 Intelligence, Confirmit, Dynata, Feedback Loop, FocusVision, Full Circle, Ipsos, MRII, Quirk's Media, Researchscape, Sawtooth Software, Schlesinger Group, University of Georgia, Ypulse
2. If selected for this Award, do you agree to complete the University of Georgia | MRII course within a month of the course funding being made available? Note: If no, your Award application will not be considered.
  *This question is required.