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Digital Flourishing® Survey

Take the Digital Flourishing Survey to assess your relationship with digital devices.

Since the pandemic, our reliance on digital devices has increased exponentially. Now is a great opportunity to pause and reflect: Are you getting the most out of your digital devices? Do you feel like they are helping you flourish in your digital life?

*This is a beta version of the survey which assesses people’s state of digital flourishing. The survey is based on the newest scientific findings on what type of phone, screen, and social media use leads to the best outcomes for a consumer’s mental, physical, and emotional health and well-being. We introduce six categories that have been scientifically explored in the context of digital well-being. These 6 categories broadly map into the Digital Wellness Institutes' unique Digital Flourishing Framework. By enhancing and working on each category of the wheel your digital flourishing will increase as well. You can re-take this survey whenever you like to monitor your progress. Please see our terms and conditions here. 

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