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Media Production and Analysis ATAR Years 11 and 12 consultation

Introduction and scope of the survey

The School Curriculum and Standards Authority (the Authority) invites teachers and other stakeholders to provide feedback about the Media Production and Analysis ATAR Years 11 and 12 draft revised syllabuses

Feedback received will be considered by the Authority as a part of its review process. 

The survey should take approximately 20 minutes to complete. There are a number of specific questions as well as the opportunity to make general comments at the end of the survey. 

We may not be able to respond to all comments and suggestions made via the survey, but we will read them all, and we appreciate your contributions.

Note: only complete survey responses will be considered.

Note also that you can use, from Page 2, a Save and Continue toolbar on the top right of your browser window. You will be emailed a link to allow you to continue your survey if you run out of time. For more information on this feature, see this link:

A copy of the syllabus will be required for reference when completing this feedback. Links to the relevant syllabuses are provided below in PDF format.



The survey link will remain open until Wednesday, 26 May 2021.