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Idaho Pyramid Model Collaborative Application

Idaho Pyramid Model Collaborative Application


The Idaho Pyramid Model Collaborative is a multi-year technical assistance and professional development project. This collaborative is with local school districts, Idaho Head Start programs, and community early childhood education programs to increase positive social and emotional outcomes for young children (3-5 years of age), through coaching and  providing support for systems change.

The Idaho Pyramid Model Collaborative is a professional development package designed to support early childhood educators with mastery of best-practices in social and emotional development. The Collaborative will include:
  • Training
  • Coaching
  • Assessment of implementation of practices
  • Ongoing professional development plan
1. Describe your program *This question is required.
2. Program identification: *This question is required.
This includes a significant commitment to attend training.   By (electronically) submitting this application, your program is agreeing to the following:

Readiness to implement the Pyramid Model means that:
  • the program agrees to develop an infrastructure to support the sustainability of the Pyramid Model
  • the program commits to engaging families
  • staff agree to implement Pyramid Model strategies and evidence-based practices
  • Form a Program Leadership Team (PLT) and have members attend training on Pyramid essentials;
  • Participate in data collection (e.g. child, teacher, classroom, coaching , Teaching Pyramid Observation Tool;
  • Enter data into identified data collection system;
  • Use data to make decisions about program implementation;
  • Use the Benchmarks of Quality for plan implementation;
  • Sign that your program commits to the expectation requirements;
  • Commit to a 2-4 year implementation plan;
In addition, Implementing programs agree to:
  1. Implement Pyramid Model for a minimum of two years following completion of training
  2. Identify or be assigned practitioner coach(es) to participate in training and coaching of teachers.
  3. Work collaboratively with Program Coach and State Leadership Team to ensure fidelity
  4. Establish a leadership team that meets on a monthly basis and receives support from the Program Coach
  5. Collect and use data to guide implementation, support practitioner implementation and monitor child progress
  6. Participate in identified training.
  7. Participate in evaluation and self-assessment activities and provide data to the State Leadership Team.
  8. Ensure that the appropriate staff attends all trainings relevant to their role.
3. I have read the above commitment and expectations and agree. *This question is required.
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