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ACHIEVE Specific Online Screener

Thank you for responding to our ad for HIV prevention research!

Project ACHIEVE is looking for volunteers to participate in HIV prevention research.  We are working to develop a vaccine to prevent HIV.

Our office is located in Midtown East/Upper East Side (67th St and 2nd Ave) in Manhattan (near Q, N/R, 4/5/6, F trains) and our Manhattan/Chelsea office is located near 17th St and 8th Ave (near A/C/E, 1/2/3, L trains and M7/M11/M12/M14/M20/M55 buses).

You will be asked to answer a few questions on this survey to find out if you meet basic study criteria.  If you are eligible and interested in participating, you will be asked to provide contact information so we can ask you more questions by phone or online and possibly schedule an appointment.  If this initial appointment is scheduled, you will find out more about the studies we conduct.  You will also continue the process to see if you are eligible for a study, if you are still interested in joining.  You will receive compensation at each scheduled visit. 

Your decision to take part in the survey is up to you. You may stop at any time and close your browser.  A risk of taking part in this survey is the possibility of a loss of confidentiality or privacy, but we will take every effort to protect your confidentiality and privacy. Your information will be stored on a secure server, will be identified by a study ID number only, and will only be accessible by the study staff. The information will be saved indefinitely to assess our studies’ progress.
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