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Holy Land Democracy Project: LAUSD Salary Points Course Registration


Holy Land Democracy Project:
The Many Faces of Israel

The Holy Land Democracy Project/Many Faces of Israel will investigate Israel's multi-cultural, multi-ethnic diversity and the strengths and challenges that diversity offers; the complicated nature of Israel's geopolitical and domestic relations, in contrast to simplistic representations; the widespread, distorted image of a society of predominantly European Jews who escaped the Holocaust and the reality of a population from a broad range of backgrounds; how Israel harnesses its talents to create cutting edge start-ups, biotech and medical innovations, and pioneering advancements in water management, to name only a few fields.  In short, this course will present real-world models for use by Los Angeles teachers and students as civic leaders in their community, one that greatly resembles the land and nation of Israel.
This Course is limited to Secondary Roll Carrying teachers, in the Social Sciences and Humanities, Grades 6-12, who will integrate the material into their subject areas.

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