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Credit for Seminars & Meetings

Date, Time; Unique Client ID?

This (survey) REDIRECTS clients who have access to this (public) link (in the Teachable course) to their unique CREDIT survey that generates reports to their leadership.

Instructions on creating a new CREDIT Reporting (survey) for new clients:
1. Create a new copy of the Master CREDIT Survey for the new client. Customize the first page with their logo and take out the unique client ID section.  Be sure to copy the URL link

2. Customize/update the 10 Unit REPORTs that should be included in the new copy of the MasterCYLQuiz(survey). Copy each of the 10 URL links for each report

3. Paste all the links to the new copies of the MasterCYLQuiz(survey) and all 10 Reports below in the "Admin" list of clients box.

4. Set up the REDIRECT from this survey by copying the TEMPLATE below and entering the new MasterCYLQuiz(survey) link to the target.

5. Bookmark the links to the quizzes and to each of the 10 reports for the client in their folder of your Bookmark manager

This question requires a valid number format.