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Healdsburg Arts and Culture Plan Survey

Help shape the future of Arts and Culture in Healdsburg!

Arts and culture have a strong presence in Healdsburg. It plays a significant role in community life and is valued by our community and our visitors. Healdsburg is home to a wide range of arts and cultural organizations, resources, venues, and activities.  We are fortunate to have performing arts spaces, public and private galleries, lively events, and a creative workforce.

We are working on a plan that will help arts and culture continue to thrive in Healdsburg. The Arts and Culture Master Plan is a community-based planning effort that will identify ways to ensure relevancy and sustainability for the arts, while fostering the next generation of artists.

Please contribute about 10 minutes of your time by participating in this survey. Your thoughts, opinions, and ideas will inform this plan and help shape the future of arts and culture in Healdsburg. 

Feel free to forward this survey link to anyone who might be interested in the plan. Please complete this survey by midnight (12:00 AM PDT) Tuesday, April 6, 2021.

The Creative Leadership Team

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