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AP PACE Team SY2021-2022 Registration Form

Applicant Information

Through Advanced Placement Parent and Community Engagement (AP PACE), AP For All envisions a school-based support system for AP programs that will increase the capacity of students and families with respect to their knowledge of AP benefits, increasing college and career readiness, and family engagement. We ask that our partner schools identify members of their school community (staff, students, families/family liaisons, etc.) that will serve as AP liaisons regarding AP student/family-facing supports by completing the form below. Your school's team will have access to all AP For All resources aimed to support your school's AP culture and student/family engagement efforts. We also ask that schools identify at least 2 AP students to serve on their AP PACE team. Please note, you may use any existing team structure that supports your school similarly to this regard and list those members below. For questions and inquiries, contact Thank you. 
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