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Emory CFAR CLC Membership Recruitment Form

Emory CFAR Community Liaison Council 

Membership Recruitment Form


The mission of the Emory Center for AIDS Research (CFAR) Community Liaison Council (CLC) is to support open communication between CFAR researchers and community members to ensure that CFAR-supported research findings are shared with the community and community concerns are shared with HIV researchers to mitigate HIV-associated health disparities in the South. The Council does this by collaborating with local HIV researchers, by participating in community outreach events, and by recognizing community, policy, research, and youth leaders in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

If this mission mirrors some of your own passions for HIV education and advocacy, we invite you to complete the following Membership Recruitment Form.  The purpose of this form is to ensure that the Emory CFAR CLC is recruiting an engaged and diverse pool of members.  Please note that the CLC wholeheartedly supports the meaningful involvement of people living with HIV in all its community engagement efforts.  Likewise, we aim to ensure the group's membership is representative the communities most impacted by HIV in Metro-Atlanta