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Mentorship Program Application


BRIDE Ministries International DID Coach Mentorship Program

Congratulations on taking a step to get further training in order to minister in the areas of inner healing and deliverance! You are signing up to embark on a 2-year commitment with Daniel Duval to learn about survivors, ethics of practice, frontline ministry, and to get hands on experience in order to walk out the calling that you have received from Jesus Christ. As this is a serious commitment, and we want to see all of our students finish, we are requiring the completion of this application in order to help us assess if this opportunity is the right fit for you! Please understand that NOT ALL APPLICANTS WILL BE ACCEPTED. Please read this entire document carefully and do your best to fill out the application materials thoroughly and thoughtfully. The following sections will be laying out the goals, requirements, and structure of this program. PLEASE READ ALL OF THESE SECTIONS THOROUGHLY before filling out the application in order to avoid any confusion.

1. To produce a company of people that can effectively minister inner healing, deliverance, and activation of the human spirit, with the capacity to provide real help to survivors of Satanic Ritual Abuse and other extreme traumas leading to Dissociative Identity Disorder and lesser degrees of fragmentation.
2. To release a company of people into their own coaching businesses, capable of successfully helping clients through ongoing work as well as through one-time sessions, and achieving financial independence.
3. To release a company of people that will help BRIDE Ministries International to expand the number of solutions we are offering to the many people reaching out to us for help.

In order to be accepted into this program, we will be considering a number of areas in your personal life. Working with broken people in a healthy way requires that certain things be well grounded in our own lives. As you fill out your application, understand that we will be considering the following areas as we assess if you are a fit for this program.

1. Relationship with God – Applicants must not be new in their walk with God. They must have a relative understanding of the tenants of the Christian faith and be in agreement with the BRIDE Ministries Statement of Faith. Furthermore, they must be walking free of willful sin. Under no circumstances will applicants be considered if they are a babe in Christ and/or have serious moral issues at work in their lives.

2. Willingness to Submit – This is a mentorship program. Applicants will need to understand the importance of submitting to the process of learning and be ready to make the necessary sacrifices in order to be successful. Applicants that do not feel they can submit to Daniel Duval or BRIDE Ministries International in a godly fashion will not be considered for the program.

3. Stability – Applicants that are in deep debt, homelessness, perpetual transition, or having a history revealing a lack of capacity to maintain a job or housing will be unlikely to get accepted. This is partly because we teach what we know, but we impart who we are. If we have not been able to experience breakthrough for ourselves in these areas, it will be very difficult for us to impart breakthrough to others in these areas, which are areas many survivors struggle in. For this reason, stability is a major consideration in our selection process.

4. Giving – During the time that applicants are actively being mentored, they agree to give a tithe on all income to BRIDE Ministries or their home church. This is because the Bible is clear that where our treasure is, there our hearts will be also (Matthew 6:21). This act is part of the submission process and also an anchoring of the heart to the journey that is being undertaken.

5. State of Wholeness – Applicants that are currently receiving coaching, or in need of coaching and deep inner healing ministry of their own will only be considered for the mentorship program if there is clear evidence that they are nearing the end of their healing and deliverance journey. If an applicant is currently receiving coaching or counseling for their healing, a letter of endorsement from their current coach will be required. While we understand that all people need some healing and some deliverance, and that the process of sanctification is life-long. We will not be considering people that are in the early or middle stages of their own deep inner healing and deliverance journeys for this mentorship program. We will not be considering people that exhibit characteristics of emotional instability or who are easily triggered. Furthermore, to avoid conflict of interest, current clients of Daniel Duval at any stage of their healing and deliverance journeys will not be considered for this program. Former clients of Daniel Duval, that have concluded their work with him and experienced a minimum of three-month cool-down period between their final session and the start of the program, will be considered for the program. This mentorship is for those that are ready to step into helping roles.

6. Program Fee – Applicants must be able to pay the cost of the mentorship program. This fee will include the cost of the quarterly weeklong in-person meetings to occur in (location to be announced) and the yearlong weekly online meetings with Daniel Duval, as this will be part of the curriculum. This fee will not include airfare or other travel arrangements involved in attending the quarterly meetings in (location to be announced) or any required reading that is issued as part of the mentorship program. This fee will be $7,500 if paid upfront by December 15, 2022. For those that cannot afford the upfront fee, a payment plan will be available. This payment plan will require a $3,000 down payment due December 15, 2022, followed by a $450 monthly payment due on the first of every month beginning February 1, 2023 and ending December 1, 2023.

7. The United States Program Dates and Location - The four live trainings will be held at Holiday Inn & Suites, Houston West, Katy Mills | 25406 Katy Mill Parkway, Katy TX 77494. The dates will occur are as follows:
1st round: January 2-6, 2023
2nd round: April 3-7, 2023
3rd round: September 4-8, 2023
4th round: December 4-8, 2023

1. This mentorship has a structure that is designed to bring everyone forward in a state of unity. For this reason, before the first live training occurs, everyone will be required to complete the ENTIRE BRIDE Ministries Institute as a pre-requisite with an average of 75% on all quizzes. The first live training will occur roughly three months after the start of the program. If you have not yet taken the BRIDE Ministries Institute, we will make complete access available so that you can get the entire institute as part of your commitment to the Mentorship program. The price of the Institute will be included in the cost of tuition, and you will receive a coupon code for 100% off the cost once you have signed your student contract. If students have not completed the school with this average score by the time of the first live training, they will NOT be able to attend the live training. This will mean that they will be released from the program as attendance to all live trainings is a requirement and part of the commitment to this program. If a student is released from the program for failure to meet expectations, there will NOT be a refund.

2. During the weekly meetings, we will be covering questions that stem from the teachings in the BRIDE Ministries Institute, we will be dialoguing about required reading that we will have to keep up with on a weekly basis, and there will also be guest appearances by some of Daniel’s clients for Q&A as well as Q&A with Daniel Duval. In respect to required reading, there will be assigned book reports that will assess comprehension of the material students are required to read. If a student is found to repeatedly perform poorly on these reports or simply not do them, they will be released from the program for failure to meet expectations. There will NOT be a refund.

3. During the Quarterly in-person Trainings there will be four focus areas:
a. Case Study Analysis
b. Understanding Survivors
c. Ethics
d. Live Demonstration
4. Upon successful completion of the four live trainings, assistance and resources will be provided to set up a website in order for the students to step into their own coaching businesses. For outstanding students, there will be an opportunity to become a selected BRIDE Ministries Coach with a coach’s profile on our ministry website. This opportunity will require a separate application, background check, and interview.

5. There will be ongoing support for those that complete the mentorship program successfully, and they will continue to be invited to monthly coaches calls where ideas, struggles, and solutions are shared among those that are also on the frontlines of ministry.

6. A completed application must include a resume and two letters of recommendation which should be sent to  YOUR APPLICATION WILL NOT BE REVIEWED UNTIL YOU HAVE SUBMITTED A COMPLETED APPLICATION, A RESUME, AND TWO LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION.

7. Once your application, resume, and two letters have been submitted and reviewed, you will be contacted for an interview. BRIDE Ministries will be conducting rolling interviews during our 2023 open application enrollment.
Those interview dates are: 

          April 23, 2022
          July 30, 2022
          October 22, 2022