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Project Specific Risk Assessment

Project Risk Assessment

This Project Risk Assessment is a copyright and trademark of and is instrumental in providing you with an in-depth analysis of the current state assessment of the project's change management needs. 
4. Please share your opinion of the current state of the project related stakeholder support
Space Cell StrongMediumWeakN/A - Not Relevant
Corporate Leadership (who typically come up with the idea and pay for the project)
Site/Department Leadership (who will find their day to day operations interrupted by project)
Change Adopters (who have to change one or more aspects of the way they do work as a result of this project)
Project Team (who have 20% or more of their time dedicated to this project)
5. There is a well documented method of calculating and tracking the impact of this project on our Key Performance Indicators
6. The specific consequences and risks of not getting this project implemented is well documented and understood
Strongly Agree
Neither agree nor disagree
Strongly Disagree
7. The safety and people related risks of the new change is fully understood
10. The impact and benefits of the change on the people and processes are clearly documented and easily articulated
11. The change by and large will be considered very useful to the change adopters
12. Every change leader has all of the communications resources they need including meetings to attend, pre-written emails, what to say when and how, posters, education material, key messages, FAQs etc. to successfully communicate the change
13. There is a well documented & tested method of quickly and effectively soliciting feedback from my change adopters
14. I understand the user behaviour and motivation profiles of all the users who are going to be adopting the change and as a result know how to target the change to the people involved. 
15. How can you best describe the change? Select all that applies 
16. Other Changes Requiring Careful Management
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