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Emergency Aware Baseline Survey

Are you ready for an emergency?

Manningham Council would like to find out how prepared residents are for an emergency such as a storm, flood, fire (house or bushfire) and heatwave. This information will help Council to plan its Emergency Aware project.

1. Please tell us the name of your suburb. *This question is required.
2. Do you live in either a fire or flood prone area? *This question is required.
3. How regularly do you prepare your property for either fire, storm, or flood events?
4. Do you have an emergency plan? *This question is required.
5. Who would you discuss your emergency plan with? Tick all that apply.
6. If a bushfire was near your home, would you leave early or stay and defend your property?
7. If you had to leave your home at short notice in an emergency; where would you go?
8. How ready are you for an emergency in your area? Please tick one button in each row.
Space Cell Yes definitelyNoPartiallyDon't know / not applicable
I would enact my emergency plan BEFORE receiving an official warning for my home / suburb.
I know where to find information about emergency warnings and emergency events.
I have an emergency evacuation kit that includes first aid material, medications, copies of important documents and enough supplies for at least 72 hours AND it is easily accessible if I have leave home in a hurry.
I know which roads are likely to be closed during a major emergency event.
I have a plan for my pets and/or livestock during an emergency.
My insurance adequately covers flood, storm, fire, bushfire and other natural disasters.
I believe that emergency services would attend my residence to assist me during a widespread emergency event such as flood or bushfire.
I understand that I am responsible for my safety during an emergency.
9. Please let us know about you, your family and your neighbours.
Space Cell YesNoDon't know
There is someone in my house who requires medication or care.
I live alone.
I own the property that I live in (or have a mortgage; not a renter).
I talk regularly to, and/or socialise with, my neighbours
I am a member of a community group / sporting organisation.
I have shared my emergency plans with my family, friends and neighbours.
There is someone living alone in my neighbourhood who may need help during a heatwave or emergency event.