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2019 Registration Survey


Thank you for your interest in the Healthy Start Professional Development Programme

This is where you register for our programme of professional learning and development; this includes: 

  • Our early-life science online programme exploring the science around why good nutrition and physical activity are so important for lifelong health, especially in the crucial first 1000 days.
  • Our online module on alcohol and tobacco exposure during early life explores why and how exposure to alcohol and/or tobacco during pregnancy and early childhood (first 1000 days) affects immediate and lifelong health outcomes for the child. It will help you talk confidently and delivery clear messages about alcohol/tobacco use in pregnancy
  • A Healthy Conversation Skills workshop to give you practical skills and tools to help you support clients or patients to make lasting health-related lifestyle behaviour changes. 
  • Regular e-newsletters packed with news and links to new and emerging evidence and stories relevant to health practitioners interested in reducing and preventing lifestyle related diseases. 
Let's get you started...