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QLT Rubric Self/Formal Peer Review 2017 Edition


CSU Quality Learning and Teaching (QLT) Self/Peer Review 2017 Edition


Introduction - About this Review

On behalf of CSU Online Course Services Program, thank you for taking the time to complete an informal self/peer review of an online, hybrid, or flipped course in the CSU.  The goal of this review is to provide encouragement and support toward designing and delivering courses that result in quality learning experiences for students.  All information you provide in this review, whether ratings or text comments, will be kept within the CSU QLT program.  No information you provide will be shared without your express written permission.

This review has two parts:
  • Part I has eight items that address course and reviewer demographics.
  • Part II has 53 (plus 4 optional) course objectives for you to rate that are organized into the following 10 sections:
    1. Course Overview and Introduction (8 objectives)
    2. Assessment of Student Learning (6 objectives)
    3. Instructional Materials and Resources Utilized (6 objectives)
    4. Student Interaction and Community (7 objectives)
    5. Facilitation and Instruction (8 objectives)
    6. Technology for Teaching and Learning (5 objectives)
    7. Learner Support and Resources (4 objectives)
    8. Accessibility, Universal Design, and Inclusivity (6 objectives)
    9. Course Summary and Wrap-up (3 objectives)
    10. Mobile Platform Readiness – OPTIONAL – (4 objectives)

Each objective has a space labeled Feedback, and each section has a space labeled Comments and Important Feedback. Your feedback in these areas is invaluable toward identifying those areas in which the course has been designed effectively and those that could use improvement.

Recommendations for completing Part II - Course Objectives are provided in Part II.

If you need to exit any part of this review before you have completed it, there is a "Save and continue survey later" option at the top of each page. To save what you have already entered on a page, you must click Next before clicking on "Save and continue survey later".

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