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ACF Acquittal Report v2018-20


Congratulations on completing your project!

Please complete this acquittal form to account for your funds, and to help us build a picture of how donations support the arts in Australia.

Your responses and feedback are really important to us. 

The acquittal won't take long to complete but you do need to do it in one sitting.

It should be completed by the person who ran your fundraising campaign, or lead contact. 

What will come in handy for completing this survey:
(If you don't have any of these with you it might be a good idea to gather them first)
- Your project budget (here's a handy template of the format we need from you) 
- Your ACF login to review your campaign stats in the Artist Dashboard
- Any info/documents etc that relate to your fundraising strategy

Thanks for your time and feedback, and for choosing the ACF.

Best wishes,

The ACF team