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AAHIM Call for Nominations

Call for Nomination

The Alabama Association of Health Information (AAHIM) Nominating Committee wants you to suggest fellow members and/or yourself as possible candidates for the AAHIM Executive Board positions for the next fiscal year, July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021.


AAHIM Board Procedure requires candidates to meet the following qualifications:
  • Active member of AAHIM – Alabama must be the CSA of record with AHIMA
  • Demonstrate active participation in AAHIM
  • Demonstrate experience in the regional, state or national association
  • Provide a list of prior professional offices held
  • Agree to attend the current year annual meeting
  • Agree to attend Board meetings
Nominations will be open for the following seats:

  • Three-year commitment – President-Elect, President, Past President
  • Required to attend all quarterly board meetings
  • Attends the AHIMA Leadership Conference in Chicago in July and serves as a delegate at the AHIMA National Convention House of Delegates.
  • Nominees for President-elect must hold an RHIA or RHIT credential. 
  • Nominees must have served at the state level and attended Board meetings regularly for at least two (2) years within the most recent five (5) years,  preferably as 1st & 2nd Year Director, but at least as a Regional President or Committee Chair.
Director (2)
  • Two-year Commitment as 1st Year Director, progressing to 2nd Year Director. Directors are required to attend all quarterly board meetings.
  • First year Directors may serve as a chair of a standing committee (Program, Credentials, Nominating, etc.).
  • Second Year Directors attend the AHIMA Leadership Conference in Chicago in July and/or serve as delegates to the AHIMA National Convention House of Delegates, as budgeted.
  • Directors muyst have been active in AAHIM within the most recent five (5) years. Active participation in AAHIm includes, but is not limited to, the following:
    • Elected service on the AAHIM Board of any of AAHIM's regional associations
    • Served as the Chairperson of a AAHIM committee
    • Volunteered at the state level and/or as a Regional President and attended AAHIM Board meetings regularly.
A person who has served a full 2-year term as 1st Year and then 2nd Year Director may not serve another consecutive 2-year term as an elected Director but must wait one year before being eligible to be placed on the ballot again for 1st Year Director.


If there are multiple nominations for the position of Director who meet the qualifications, a cap will be set at six (6) nominees.  A ranking system will be used to rank the nominees, based on the qualifications, and the top six (6) will be placed on the ballot. 

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