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Personal Finances Financial Health Assessment Survey


IF MARRIED, EACH OF YOU SHOULD TAKE THIS SURVEY SEPARATELY. Then print out the results that will be emailed to you.  Plan a time to compare, discuss and decide which of these Best Practices you want to work on to improve your financial health in the future. Your answers are 100% CONFIDENTIAL. For each item, provide the answer that best reflects your current situation. After you complete the assessment survey, you will be emailed your survey results, links to free Best Practices resources, and a planning calendar to help you customize a plan to improve your financial health.

Space Cell DefinitelySomewhatNot at allDoesn't apply
1 - Have gone through Bible-based and practical financial training (book, small group, workbook or course)
2 - Developed a realistic written budget/spending plan to live within (or below) our means
3 - Have a good financial software or a written system and update it monthly to track our income, expenses and giving
4 - Have researched the salary ranges for our professions/positions
5 - Have agreed upon financial goals for the next 1, 3, 5 and 10+ years
6 - Use helpful financial resources and trusted advisor/s to help us with financial decisions
7 - Have gotten our free credit score report and know our credit score numbers
8 - Know our net worth and update it at least once a year
9 - Have a current and legally-binding will and estate plan
10 - If married, know each other’s financial personality/temperament
11 - Use a checklist to help us maintain or improve our financial health on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis
12 - Have researched and put into practice ways to make extra money