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Church Generosity Assessment Survey


‚ÄčThis survey has been developed for the benefit of your church's financial health. Your answers are completely confidential. To the best of your knowledge, rate your church's involvement and interest in the practices below. After you complete the assessment survey, you will receive a full report, links to free Best Practices resources, and a planning calendar to help your church improve its generosity practices.
Space Cell Doing and satisfiedDoing, but would like more ideas/resourcesNot doing, but interested in ideas/resourcesNo interest in doingDon't know
1 - Biblical financial/generosity truths are shared in sermons
2 - Weekly generosity Scripture verse appears in the bulletin and/or on the screen during the offering
3 - A leader reads the weekly generosity Scripture verse out loud before praying for the offering
4 - Worship songs on giving, generosity and serving
5 - Short videos with generosity teaching or testimonies are sometimes shown during the offering
6 - Digital giving options via text message, phone APP, and/or lobby iPad/Kiosk are available
7 - Giving envelopes are available in the pews/rows
8 - Guest speaker invited to preach on financial/generosity topics