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Young Mania Rating Scale YMRS Adapted - V2

YMRS - Adapted for Non-Clinicians

Person being evaluated (your name) *This question is required.
This question requires a valid date format of MM/DD/YYYY.
Please read each question and choose the answer that best describes you now and in the past two days.  
Some of the questions ask you how others respond to you, answer with the most honest answer possible, even if you disagree with or don't understand other people's reactions. 
1. Mood - Is your mood higher or better than usual?
2. Movement and Energy - Is your energy level or activity level higher than usual?
3. Sexual Interest - Do you have more than usual interest in sex?
4. Sleep - Has your sleep decreased lately?
5. Frustration - Have you been more frustrated than usual with others?
6. Speech - Are you talking more or talking faster than usual?
7. Thoughts - Have you noticed that you have more thoughts, or have trouble keeping up with your thoughts?
8. New Ideas and Creativity - Do you have more creative, new, or unusual ideas than usual?
9. Assertiveness - Have you had more disagreements with people than usual?
10. Clothing and Appearance - Has your style or interest in appearance changed recently?
11. Level of concern about changes - do you think you need help?