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Collaboration and Engagement in Treatment

Medication Treatment Collaboration

Who is it who has asked you to fill out this form? - choose one
I am taking all medications as prescribed by my doctor.Since the last time you visited your doctor how have you been taking your medications? How often do you miss a dose? How often do you take more or less than the doctor prescribed?
I get ordered laboratory studies done in a timely fashion.Answer the question with regard to the last couple of lab tests that were ordered by your doctor. If you have not had lab tests ordered recently and can't remember how long it took to get them done in the past, select "Always".
I ask for refills in a timely manner.
I address concerns regarding side effects with my doctor.
I track my mood and other symptoms using recommended tools andI fill out the pre-visit survey. Since the last time you saw your doctor, how often have you filled in a mood tracker, as recommended by your doctor. If you have NEVER been asked to fill out a mood tracker select "always." If you think your doctor has asked you to track your mood but you can't remember where or how select "never."