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LSF - "VOICE OF THE PEOPLE" Listening Sessions (Jacksonville)


YOUR VOICE IS NEEDED! Contribute to the decisions and solutions being made at LSF!

As we continue our work in the area of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI), we need to better understand your thoughts and work experiences. While LSF did collect some preliminary data through an outside company more than two years ago, we realize a majority of the workforce’s voice was missing.
These sessions are an opportunity to acknowledge and hear from those closest to the impact of our work – YOU! – to provide us with diverse insights that will help us to create LSF’s next best steps, and build on the good things already happening at LSF! 

Our goal is to focus on hearing the voices from non-supervisory positions, direct care staff, and front line workers -- and other voices who want to contribute

The sessions are 90-minutes long and confidential (your name will not be used in documents), where some agreed-upon themes will be shared with the executive leader who attends.

The Beaver Street Enterprise Center - 1225 West Beaver Street, Jacksonville, FL 32204

February 22 - 23, 2022 (Tuesday - Wednesday)

NOTE: We will not be collecting names for these sessions, nor will we use names of individuals in our final report or any other information that could compromise your anonymity or reveal who you are or what you said.
This is a voluntary opportunity for staff to opt-in to participate during their selected session, and to express their thoughts and feelings without fear of retribution or it being held against a staff who participates.

* ** Please be sure to obtain your supervisor's approval prior to signing up for a session day/time. 
Thank you for your support and the sharing of your COURAGEOUS VOICE! ***  

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3. If you are interested in participating in a VIRTUAL SESSION in April and/or completing an ONLINE SURVEY, please type in your email below (please select one or both options):

Only include your email below if you understand the following:
NOTE: It is important to consider that sharing your email address can provide information that would reveal your identity.  However, we will not include your email address or your name in any documentation associated with the Voice of the People sessions or feedback.  The confidentiality of your feedback will be maintained and secured.)
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