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Manitou Springs LUDC Update - Urban Renewal Area Design Guidelines


The City of Manitou Springs has begun the process of updating the Zoning and Subdivision Codes (Code), which are the primary regulatory documents the City uses to ensure quality development.

During the first phase of community outreach, we heard that neighborhood preservation and neighborhood character were very important to residents. The Code currently does not provide design standards for commercial buildings to regulate aesthetic character like roofs, entrances, requirement for features such as porches and balconies, and building materials. Many stakeholders have expressed a desire to develop specific, but flexible, design guidelines for Western Manitou Avenue, Eastern Manitou Avenue outside of the Urban Renewal Area, the Becker's Lane/Garden of the Gods Gateway area, and the Urban Renewal Area, as shown generally on the map below. While all of these areas are under the same underlying zoning currently, the purpose of this series of mini questionnaires is to determine if the guidelines should be the same for each area, or if the character in each area is different enough to warrant different guidelines in each area. 

Following are a couple questions regarding the existing neighborhood areas that we would like you to weigh in on. Please note that we are not proposing to change the neighborhood area boundaries through this code process, but rather, we are interested in the specific elements of each neighborhood which define their character.

Many thanks for your time and input!
Disclaimer: the options under each question are randomized and were not listed by order of importance/priority.