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FSEHD Scholarship Application for 2022/23 Academic Year

Application Deadline is June 30, 2022

Applicant Information

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Are you a first-generation college student? *This question is required.
GPA, Credits and Student Teaching
Are you a resident of Rhode Island? *This question is required.
Financial Aid
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Have you ever received financial aid through th RIC Financial Aid Office? *This question is required
Are you related to a member of Rhode Island College's Class of 1947? *This question is required
Elementary Carr applicants
Did you complete FAFSA for the following academic year? *This question is required
Are you a single parent? *This question is required
Your High School History
List most significant extracurricular activities/groups you were involved in high school. Include all tutoring, mentoring, and leadership positions. *This question is required.
Upload file listing organizations/activities/groups with which you are or were substantially involved while at RIC (e.g. faith-based organizations, volunteering, student groups, and organizations, etc.). Specifically, note your leadership positions and any activities improving the quality of life on campus. *This question is required.
Career Commitment Essay

Upload a well-written, edited and spell-checked essay describing your commitment to the chosen profession. Describe activities that demonstrate your commitment to serving underprivileged and at-risk children. Use examples, stories, your reflections on experiences (e.g. Service Learning/FNED 346) to make your points.

Consider using parts of your educational philosophy statements or similar class assignments. Limit to 300 words.