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Islands Engagement 2021

Introduction: Arran and Cumbrae and COVID-19

This is a quick (we promise!) survey designed to let you make your views known about the priorities for your Island as we recover from the changes that the COVID-19 pandemic has made to all our lives. 

Just to be clear, we know that you might have been asked to say what your Island needs before. This is not intended to replace or redo that work. It's only intended to check in to see if COVID has changed anything. 

There's more information on why we are doing this over at Arran and Cumbrae Islands Engagement 2021. If you haven't already, you might want to hop over there to get the background before completing this. 

This survey isn't the only way that we are talking to people and organisations. We'll be meeting with community groups, holding (online) meetings and taking phone calls!  Again, you can check on Arran and Cumbrae Islands Engagement 2021 for other opportunities to contribute.

PLEASE respond by 15th September, earlier if you can. 
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