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Urban Flooding Baseline - Share Your Flooding Story

Urban Flooding in the Calumet Region - Share Your Story

Center for Neighborhood Technology (, in partnership with the South Suburban Mayors & Managers Association, is developing a tool that will include a map that analyzes flooding risk in the Calumet watershed region focused on southern Cook County. The public, elected officials, and municipal staff will be able to access this website to understand the issue of seepage and flooding in the area. The purpose of the tool is to begin and continue conversations on how and where to invest in solutions to reduce flooding and seepage. We are asking for submissions of your stories and photos to be included in a web-based tool to share people's personal experiences of how seepage and flooding impacts them.

We are interested in your seepage/flooding experiences since 2010. This form is an opportunity for you to share 1 - 3 of your experiences of seepage/flooding in the Calumet region and how it affects your life (referred to as flood story in the survey). The survey includes questions about where and when the seepage/flood occurred and how you were impacted by the seepage/flooding.

If we decide to include your story, a staff member from CNT will reach out to ensure that how we've portrayed the story reflects how you wanted to share the story. You will also have the opportunity to share how you would like to be identified in your story. 

For more information about the project please visit: 
Urban flooding can include seepage, partial, or complete flooding on property. 
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