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Triad Culligan - Sales Position

Want a fun, high-paying job?

Are you passionate about PEOPLE?

Are you ready to hustle and earn what you deserve?
This is a customer contact sales position, which means you'll be seeing existing customers in their homes, following up on new leads, and generating new leads. You need to be professional, approachable and the kind of person mom would want to invite in for cookies.
We need you to work flexible hours which includes afternoons, some evenings, and a few hours on Saturday... when folks are home from work. However many hours as it takes to get the job done.
We're not looking for Mr. Hot Shot Salesman, we want someone who likes to talk with people but has a good set of ears and can listen. We want someone who’s passionate about helping PEOPLE. 
Culligan of the Triad is a small, local business that started 70+ years ago known as Jessup Services. We offer good products, great service ethic, and a laid back pro-employee work environment. Our basic motto is to….work hard, party hard….work some more!
If you can put in the hours, you can make an amazing living. We offer 2 weeks of paid training and an additional 6 weeks of base pay. We offer medical, vacation, and a 401K after 90 days.
Advancement is HUGE….we’re on the first floor of a 500 story elevator…get on NOW!

If you're interested, fill out the application below to see if you have what it takes. We may contact you by email, phone, or text for an interview.

IMPORTANT, there are no right or wrong answers. This isn't a test. We aren't grading on grammar, punctuation or spelling ... we just want to get to know you a bit better and find out if we are a good fit for each other. Look forward to reading your answers and want to thank you for taking the time to fill it out. 


John Brown, Owner 

Culligan Triad ... your local Culligan Dealer

1. If you think you've got what it takes, go ahead. Fill me out.
2. Are You Willing to Pass a Background Check and Drug Test? (You will be in the homes of prospects, so we've got to be able to trust you'll represent us well!)
In other words, were you great at eloquently communicating benefits of products & services? Could you dazzle with your dashing appearance and out-going personality? Did you enjoy managing your own time without someone looking over your shoulder? Generating new sales through learning prospects' needs?
Current jobs... Previous jobs... Future jobs... Whatever you think is most relevant.
We understand that work... Well, it can be work. But we like to have fun people on our team and this is one way for us to learn more about you.
7. Dealing with public means you sometimes meet sweet folks... and sometimes you run into jerks. Can you handle out and out rejection and deal with problems of needy customers?
8. You will have to work the hours that work for the customer ... this is evenings and Saturdays. If you have a FAMILY can they deal with you working till 7 or 8 most nights. Can you carve 4-5 hours out of every Saturday?
This is your chance to tell us about important parts of your personality that we forgot to ask you about. Go ahead. Brag a little.
10. Still have more awesomeness to share with us? Upload your Resume & we'll take a look!
Before you push send you need to think about these questions first. You will be the face of our business to our customers. We will be very selective. If you don't fit the position or fit us we will let you go. Are YOU the person for this job?