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2019-20 Combined World's Best Workforce (WBWF) Summary and Achievement and Integration (A&I) Progress Report

Report Instructions and Information

All districts/charters must submit the completed form by 11:59 pm on December 15, 2020.  All reports must be submitted via this form.

This report has three parts:
  • WBWF:  Required for all districts/charters
  • (Not for charter schools) Achievement and Integration:  Required for districts that were implementing an MDE approved A&I plan during the 2019-20 SY. 
  • (Not for charter schools) Racially Identifiable Schools:  Required for districts that were implementing an MDE approved A&I plan for Racially Identifiable Schools during the 2019-20 SY

Please ensure the World’s Best Workforce leadership and the Achievement and Integration leadership collaborate within your district when completing this report. 

If you have questions while completing the WBWF portion of the summary, please feel free to email for support.

If you have any questions regarding the A&I portion of this report, please email

Tips when completing the report:
  • All questions in one section must be answered before the survey will advance to the next section. You must advance to the end of the form to save your answers. Districts/charters may wish to enter short text as a placeholder to advance in the form and return at a later time to answer the question.
  • When asked for results from 2019-20, please provide the relevant data when possible. Options are available to indicate where disruptions from COVID-19 have made collecting the data impossible.
  • When you have reached the end of the form, you will be able to submit your completed/in progress summary report and receive a specific link. Each district/charter will have their own unique link to access their answers at a later time. Via that specific link, you can update/edit your responses until December 15, 2020.
  • Save your specific survey link for easy access to your district/charter's summary report.
  • Contact Venessa Moe at if you need a copy of your specific survey link.
  • If you would like a Word copy of the summary report questions, you can access the document here.