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Survey 2021

Poverello Eat Well Center Survey

Each year we survey you to know how you have experienced our services, what we can do better, and what we do well. Your answering these simple questions can help us get better. Thank you for your time and attention.
1. How satisfied are you with the accuracy of your food order?
2. What percentage of the time is your order 100% correct? 
0% correct all of the time
100% correct all of the time
3. Think about the fresh fruits and vegetables you receive in your grocery bags. How satisfied are you with the quality of these fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs?
4. Think about your groceries received from the Poverello Eat Well Center. How many meals are you able to prepare from the food you receive?
5. As a part of our Screening, Brief Intervention, Referral and Treatment program, we asking you about food insecurity, depression, risky substance use, and smoking. Have you taken advantage of community services because of this program?
6. How long have you received service from the Poverello Eat Well Center?
10. Did you know that we offer free consultation with a Registered Dietitian/Licensed Nutritionist?
11. Would you like to participate in our online cooking/nutrition classes?
13. Overall, how satisfied are you with your entire experience at The Poverello Center, Inc.?
Very DissasisfiedVery Satisfied
14. Whic specific COVID19 services have you utilized?