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Applications for Visiting Scholars


Visiting scholars in mathematics and related sciences make important contributions to the intellectual life of the Fields Institute (FI). If you are not applying to participate in a thematic or focus program, you can apply for a visiting scholar stay at the FI. Visitors are welcome to register for on-site courses and events, attend seminars, and meet/collaborate with other members of our vibrant community.

For more detailed explanations of eligibility criteria and what to include in an application, please see our guidelines, which are available here.


Applications will be considered by the Directorate three times a year: February 15, June 15, and October 15.  Under extenuating circumstances, an applicant may submit a request to have an application evaluated outside of these time frames, especially if the applicant hopes to arrive soon and plans a visit that is fewer than two months.

While applications are open, the building is currently closed. For now, the Fields Visiting Scholar program remains remote and includes only a designation as a Fields Visiting Scholar until such a time as we can welcome people in person, not anticipated before July 2021 and subject to availability of space in the building.

To apply to participate in upcoming thematic or focus programs, please visit the corresponding page for the program.

Application Guidelines

Applications must include:
  1. A current curriculum vitae;
  2. 250 - 500 words describing the research the visitor proposes to do during his or her visit;
  3. A cover letter, specifying:
    • the visitor's institutional affiliation and status,
    • the start and end dates of the planned visit,
    • the purpose of the visit and why the Fields Institute is their preferred location,
    • what level and kind of funding the applicant has to support the visit, and,
    • at least one local faculty member who has been contacted or who works most closely in the same research area as the applicant. 
To submit the form, click on the submit button on the last page of the form. All candidates will be notified after the evaluation process. Successful applicants will receive an official letter of invitation from the Deputy Director, which can be used as necessary at the visitor's home institution or for any visa requirements.

Form Instructions

  • It is possible to save a partially completed application and return to it later. This option is available on all pages after this page. To save your partial answers, click on the "Save and continue later" link, which should appear on the centre, upper part of your screen. A link to the partially completed form will be emailed to you from Alchemer. To return to the form later, open the email from Alchemer and click on the link provided.
  • Fields with an * are mandatory.
  • Application materials must be uploaded as PDFs no larger than 2MB.
  • Please be ready to upload the materials before you start to fill out this form.
  • Once the application is submitted, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address designated on the application.