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Target Market Customer - workbook



The workbook follows the same sequence as the video workshop. You can print out a PDF of your decisions at the end. 

The rule for marketing success = “Delight the few to attract the many”. Effective companies focus their marketing efforts to appeal to and serve a specific target market customer.

When you have a clear target market customer in mind:
  • Your product & service design has more clarity & focus – because you know who you are building it for
  • Your customer communications are more effective – because you know who you are talking to
  • Your target customer perceives you as the expert in meeting their needs – they can clearly see that “This organization is talking to me.”
Note: Your target market is the center of your marketing “bulls-eye.”  It’s the sweet spot that you aim for with your product & service design and marketing communications. It does not necessarily mean that you will only sell to these people or that they will make up the majority of your sales volume. You may choose to sell to anyone if they want to give you money, and it makes sense to sell to them.  But your business strategy and marketing endeavors will be much more effective if you focus on a clearly defined target audience.

This workbook is designed to help you understand and clearly define who your ideal target market customer is. 

If you believe that a question does not apply to your situation, put "N/A" (not applicable) in the answer field.

Please Note: 
1) If your organization has multiple brands, business units, a multi-sided marketplace, or offerings, each with its own distinct target customer persona, you may wish to answer each question multiple times from the perspective of each brand/customer.

2) The workbook is broken down into nine sections:
Section 2 - If your ideal target market customer is a company/organization, answer the following four questions. (optional if not a company or org)
Section 3 - If your ideal customer is a person - answer the rest of the following questions. 

3) Special Inflation and Recession guidance:
Question 35 — "What Key benefits do you offer your customer?" 
Question 36 — "What NEW benefits will you need to offer your ideal target customer within the next 3 to 9 months?" (Be thoughtful of Inflation and Recession)

When you get your Target Market right, everything will fall into place!

Marc L Daniels
ResultsBI — CEO & Author

Please allow 60 minutes to complete this exercise

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