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Core Purpose - workbook



The workbook follows the same sequence as the video workshop. You will be able to print out a PDF of your decisions at the end. 

There are people who claim that the sole purpose of a business is making money or "maximizing shareholder value." That may be true for economists, but real people don't get excited about those things. If you want YOUR people to get excited about what they do and give effort and attention beyond the minimums, you need to give them something to work for beyond the numbers.

When people have a purpose that goes beyond the numbers, they pour more energy into their work. They give it more thought. They're more likely to be what the management gurus call "fully engaged."

Your Core Purpose is not "what" you do. It is not "how" you do it either. Your Core Purpose is "why" you do what you do. Your Core Purpose transcends whatever your current product or service offerings may be, and speaks to your organization's passion. It speaks to the difference your organization wants to make to the lives of the people it touches. 

Marc Daniels
ResultsBI — CEO and Author

Please allow 30 minutes to complete this assessment.

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