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Core Values - workbook



This workbook will help you create or refine your core values. They are a foundational component of your company. Aligning your employees and your new hires with your core values will build a team that you will be proud of and drive your company's success.

Core Values are the behaviors that define your culture. Core Values are clear statements of how you expect every person in your organization to act, regardless of their role. Core Values provide a moral compass for your people. They can help your people to decide on the right course of action, regardless of the challenge they face.

This workbook is designed to help capture your individual vision of the behaviors and values you would like to see adopted and demonstrated by everyone in the organization.

You will be able to print out a PDF of your decisions at the end. 

Marc L Daniels
CEO, ResultsBI and Execution Coach

Please allow 30 minutes to complete this assessment.

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