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NAACLS Volunteer Information Form

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1. Please fill out the form below.
2. What type(s) of program(s) are you currently involved with?
3. What position(s) have you held that qualifies you to volunteer for NAACLS?
Space Cell CurrentlyFormerly
Program Director of NAACLS Accredited/Approved Program
Faculty Member involved with NAACLS Accredited/Approved Program
Administration involved with NAACLS Accredited/Approved Program
Other Clinical Laboratory Professional involved with NAACLS Accredited/Approved Program
4. What type of institution are you employed by?
5. What type(s) of program(s) would you be interested in reviewing?
6. Are you fluent in Spanish?
7. If you will be driving a vehicle while conducting NAACLS business, do you hold primary insurance?
8. Do you agree to provide NAACLS with the name, contact information, and policy number of your insurance in the event of an incident?
10. What months during the course of the year are your preferred months to volunteer?

Volunteers are always offered opportunities before they are given assignments, so don't worry if your schedule may end up changing - we will ask first!

11. Please tell us about your NAACLS related volunteer experiences:
14. Would you be interested in being a VIP? (Volunteer mentor for Initial Program directors)To apply you must comply with the following criteria: 1) VIP Candidate must have conducted at least one accreditation site visit as a Team Coordinator (accredited programs only), and must have reviewed at least one self-study as a Self-Study, and 2) VIP Candidate must have at least 3 years of experience as program director of a NAACLS Accredited/Approved Program, including having gone through at least one successful accreditation/approval review resulting in the maximum allowable award.